Real Estate Practice Group

The Real Estate Practice Group has extensive experience in all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases, in the commercial, retail, industrial and residential as well as mixed-development markets.

Some of the areas in which the Real Estate Practice Group provides counseling that includes conducting detailed due diligence activities to identify and quantify commercial risks associated with real estate transactions; negotiating and drafting Joint Venture Agreements, Development Contracts and Share Subscription Agreements thereof, lease/leave/license documents, registering title deeds; land use conversion, ensuring compliance with environmental laws etc.


The Infrastructure Practice Group advises clients in areas of Power Generation, distribution, transmission, Oil Exploration endeavor’s, Mining and Licenses thereof, Terms of Merchant and Liner Shipping endeavor’s. The Firm has drafted complex Consortium & Joint Venture Agreements, Engineering, Procurement & Constructions Contracts, Exploration, Production & Operating Agreements, Power & Fuel Supply Agreements, Tender & Bid Document Review in this regard.